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Tacoma and Pierce County Real Estate Stats

THE YEAR OF LIVING HOPEFULLY There is a real feeling of optimism in the air and the feelings seem to be born out by the latest Real Estate Stats.  The … Continue reading

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Musings on 2013 Tax Changes

  2013 Tax Increases   If Congress does nothing Capital Gain Tax will increase from 15% to 20%, as far as I know the recapture rate will not change and … Continue reading

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North End Tacoma Stats

I am wondering if the North End of Tacoma might by the Bellwether of what’s to come in Pierce County as the year progresses. Inventories are down by about 20% … Continue reading

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Less is More

Sellers contract with brokerages and specifically chosen agents to represent them through the marketing and sale of their homes. Sellers often interview multiple agents and make their selection based on … Continue reading

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Reluctant Lenders

Money is cheap at the moment. The Fed Rate is zero. Interest rates for borrowers varies between 3.2% to 4.5%. (When we bought our first house in 1980 interest rates … Continue reading

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Hello world!

 All real estate like politics is local.  The gross data that are used by the national media are just that gross data.  They often provide a skewered and confusing picture … Continue reading

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